Alaska Bound

Every time I am on a flight to a new assignment I religiously try to imagine what is going to unfold on this trip. Trying to pre-visualize the photos and what this adventure will be like. Most of all I always image what will be in my head sitting in the same seat on the […]

Edward Burtynsky Exhibit Vancouver Art Gallery

Right now at the Vancouver Art Gallery is a 34 piece exhibit of prints donated by Edward Burtynsky in a show titled ” A Terrible Beauty”. The Toronto native is know for his striking images of landscapes altered, manufactured, and abandoned by man. The strong environmental and cultural themes in Burtynsky’s work has made him […]

F-Stop Guru lightweight camera pack

Normally I bring everything I possibly can every time I shoot. Fully committing to taking photos with all of my effort and ability, or just not taking photos at all. Using one huge pack as my standard go to kit with never really changing anything. It always has the same lenses, bodies, safety gear, and […]

SBC Skier Photo Annual cover 2014

I have to hand it to Sean Pettit, he sure does get it done out there. For the second time in three years he has been on the cover of the Skier photo issue. This location in the Whistler back country has been a bit of a safe haven when problems arise with weather, snow […]

Low Pressure Podcast Interview

Being in visual media it seems strange to do an audio only interview for some reason but I am always looking for new ways to find some inspiration in any form. I have to hand it to Mark Warner at Low Pressure Podcast here in Whistler to reach out to people and get them talking […]

Voigtlander 25mm f0.95 lens review

I have had a small mirror-less micro four thirds Olympus camera in my quiver for the last few years but felt that I barley used it due to I was always using my Nikon pro cameras or my iphone and nothing in between. I felt If I was going to put the effort in to […]