Oakley shoot with Lindsey Vonn in Vail CO.

The first winter shoot of the year brought me down to Vail CO to shoot super star ski racer Lindsey Vonn for her new Oakley Signature goggle coming out next year. Linsey is probably the biggest name in skiing men or women in the world and is pretty much unstoppable on the wold cup circuit. […]

Adidas in Whistler- Mountain Bike VS. Parcour

The final shoot of the summer/fall of 2011 brought us back to Whistler to photograph and video a new Adidas shoe with rubber compound made by Continental. The concept was to have local mountain bike legend Richie Schley (who rides for both Adidas and Continental) square off in a friendly “grip off” with world Champion […]

Vancouver Canucks portrait shoots 10/11

A few times this fall I was lucky enough to do some portrait shoots with some of the Vancouver Canucks for some merchandising and charity media. I have worked so many action sports athletes over the last ten years but this was my first time shooting main stream sports athletes. Is if different? Hard to […]

Kona Heli bike in Bralorne BC 10/11

This Thanksgiving I teamed up with Kona bikes and Sherpas Cinema to do an alpine heli bike adventure in Bralorne BC with riders Graham Agassiz and Dylan Sherrard. Quading up into the alpine and camping at 7000ft in October was challenging enough. Weather and logistics kept us on our toes the entire time but on […]

Oakley ski and board shoot in New Zealand

New Zealand is stunningly beautiful and the perfect location to shoot Oakley’s Fall 2012 catalogue. With a rustic and friendly atmosphere similar to back home in British Columbia, it still contains a magical quality second to none. Even with the biggest snow storm in 40 years Wanaka’s epic views proved to be the perfect location […]

MSP Teaser “Attack of La Nina”

Yikes!! Is winter coming already? Mags and movies are starting to come out and get everybody stoked to start thinking about winter shred while we ride out summer. I think this is the 10th movie I have worked on with my good friends at Matchstick productions. Wow!! So many good adventures and amazing experiences working […]