Whistler Outdoor Photography Workshop 2012 Video Recap

To me, photography is about reaching out and communicating the moments that we want to share. For those of us here in Whistler and the Sea to Sky area, most of these moments take place outdoors and are centered around the activities that we all do to get out and enjoy our surroundings. It could be anything: a buddy flying down a bike trail, an epic sunset, or just a bunch of friends on an adventure that everyone will remember forever.

The photo workshops are built around this philosophy of sharing everything, from personal stories to technical information in order to enhance your outdoor experience through photography and share it with the world. This past year, we hosted a four-day intensive workshop that involved multiple location shoots in the outdoors and lots of hands-on instruction. New this year were the evening talks with the photographers on a variety of different subjects, open to anyone who wanted to come out and enjoy them. We all appreciated the opportunity to get together and share stories and tips on photography and look forward to this event growing every year.

A huge thanks to this year’s participating photographers: Scott Serfas, Eric Berger, Paul Morrison, and Bryn Hughes.

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