North of Nightfall - Blake Jorgenson

North of Nightfall

79 degrees North and 750 Miles south of the North Pole in the Canadian Arctic lies Axl Heiberg Island. Its the Size of Switzerland with no inhabitants except polar bears, wolves, muskox, and large arctic hares. The island is covered in snow ten months of the year with 24 hour darkness and temperatures of minus 50 degrees celsius in the winter months. In July and August a window of 24 hour sunlight shines on the island to create an eternal day of constant light. For Red Bull Media House, Freeride Entertainment, four of the best mountain bikers in the world and myself it became the trip of a lifetime and opportunity to push the limits of what is possible on a bike in some of the worlds most remote and challenging places to access imaginable. It also became a great lesson in environmental change and effect on the Arctics glaciers with current climate change and the reality of what the future holds for our planet.

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